Get Started

How to get

You can download the download latest distribution of libinclude,

or you can check out our subversion repository on SourceForge:

svn checkout svn:// libinclude-code

How to install

Extract the tarfile:

tar -xf libinclude-X.Y.Z.tgz

run configure and make:

cd libinclude-X.Y.Z

and install it as root:

sudo make install


For *BSD OSs the PREFIX path is ‘/user/local’ and for Linux and Cygwin it is ‘/usr’.

Clean up the build

make distclean

How to install localy

To install libinclude in your home directory without the need of root previliges you must set the PREFIX variable before calling configure:

cd libinclude-X.Y.Y
make install


This will create the directories ‘bin’, ‘etc’, ‘man/man3’, ‘share’ and ‘lib’ in your home directory.

For ease of use add the directory ‘$HOME/bin’ to your PATH. Otherwise you must include ‘’ like this:


. $HOME/bin/

How to deinstall

Just run as root make uninstall:

sudo make uninstall